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It is important, perhaps even vital, that an individual Martial Arts practitioner be able to prove that his or her rank and lineage comes from a legitimate and respected organization with a solid reputation in the Martial Arts community. DHKKA is an organization with impeccable credentials whose rank certificates are highly prized and recognized world-wide.

NOTE: Non-Kenpo schools that decide to become members of DHKKA for the training opportunities available may be able to earn legitimate rank from DHKKA through our international workshop programs in combination with our training literature and videos.


DHKKA has established an international registry of rank for the staff and students of each member school.
All certificates of rank (white through the various levels of black) will be registered in our permanent files and posted on our website, This posting will include all pertinent information such as rank, date, certificate number, instructor’s name and name and location of school.

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More information to come soon