"Associate Master Professor"

Todd M. Durgan

Director DHKKA

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Phasic Kombatives Integrated

     Starting in the arts at the age of 11, Mr. Durgan has dedicated the better part of his life to the Martial Arts. In 1986 he met and restarted his training in Kenpo with Randy Borden, Randy was a very gifted Kenpoist and singer from the Islands. Mr. Durgan made high brown before Mr. Borden decided to leave. Mr. Durgan continued to help the students at the studio until such time as they had all decided to move on. After Mr. Borden moved away Mr. Durgan continued his Martial Arts training in an Okinawan system learning and training in some of the traditional training methods and regimen from the days of old. He was at high brown again but wanted to get back to the American Kenpo system. In 1989 he met Mr. Rainey and re-focused his training on the American Kenpo system. In 1992 Mr. Rainey took a leave of absence from the Arts for personal reasons and left the school to Mr. Durgan to run. In 1993 tired of teaching out of the fitness center he moved the school to a new location where he taught full time for the next two years, and has had a studio teaching 3 to 6 days a week every since. Mr. Durgan’s focus in teaching the art has always been on quality rather than quantity. He currently teaches out of a "Garage Dojo" located in the Puget Sound Region of Washington. Mr. Durgan has a unique perspective of the principles and motion within the arts and has applied this perspective to contact manipulation and its application within the system of Kenpo. Mr. Durgan’s view of contact manipulation is that while many Martial artists cross train in different systems they fail to recognize the similarities in motion and in principle. He teaches contact manipulation as an extrapolated element of the Kenpo system, principles, and motion taught typically as a striking system. Mr. Durgan also has particularly interesting views and explorations into the uses of the Universal pattern as an educational tool for teachers and students alike that goes beyond the basic geometrical shapes and patterns. After nearly three decades of teaching and owning or running a dojo, Mr. Durgan is still very focused on the quality of the students journey in the Martial Arts.

    Mr. Durgan has received all rank from brown to 8th Degree black belt from Mr. AC Rainey, one of Mr. Hebler's "guys". he joined the association to help with website building and marketing strategies, along with a myriad of other important things for the success of the association. Mr. Durgan is a published author of the Book "Constituents of contact manipulation" and several Kenposter (tm) that explain and articulate areas he felt needed further exploration and explanation. He is working on Book II "Constituents, Cause and Effect" and other publications. Mr. Durgan has also compiled a business plan combining the business model of some of the most successful Martial Arts studios with a curriculum arrangement that will surely help in the development of a more effective and knowledgeable kenpoist in a modern commercial setting with a shorter and more effective learning curve. 

    Mr. Durgan is Considered by some, to be a "foremost authority" on Contact Manipulation He tries to help people see the constituents that already exist with in the system. His books and posters have now sold around the world and hang in Dojos of all styles and sizes. You may also find his bio and history in the Book "The Continuum" Vol 2.



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