"Master of the Art"

Mark Puthuff

Director DHKKA



Mark Puthuff is a 9th degree black belt under Grand Master Dave Hebler. Mark is the founder of the Modern Budo School of Martial Arts. Puthuff created the American Budo System which has a deep foundation that is rooted in American Kenpo Karate with blended concepts, principles and techniques from Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Grappling. Puthuff has combined the various training principles to create a very effective, modern, and proven combat system. This balanced approach incorporates joint manipulation, leverage, striking, ground tactics and submission techniques. The training focuses on a competency based approach in the training delivery to the student regardless of their level of experience. Mark has taught thousands of students over the past twenty five years.


In addition to teaching martial arts, Mark is also a recognized a tenured subject matter expert, certified instructor, proctor, and adjunct faculty member who has trained well over 10,000 law enforcement, military, and security students in Arrest & Control, Tactical Survival, Use of Force, Impact Weapons, Ground Control, Lifetime Fitness, and Tactical Communications.


Mark served as a law enforcement professional for over two decades. He promoted through the ranks into executive leadership positions. He served as an Assistant Sheriff for a large northern California sheriff’s department. Puthuff retired from law enforcement as Chief of Police for a coastal city in northern California. In 2012 Puthuff transitioned to the private sector and served in several private security management positions for a large national security organization.


Mark is a former competitive medalist in state and national bodybuilding and worldwide martial arts competitions. Mark has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga CA. He is a graduate of the Los Angeles Police Department West Point Leadership Program and the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.


Mark and his wife Linda are both retired law enforcement managers with fifty years of combined law enforcement experience. Mark and Linda have been teaching fitness, self defense, and personal safety techniques to a multitude of audiences for over twenty five years.


The Puthuffs offer fitness boot camps, group/individual self defense instruction, specialized defensive tactics, ground control, personal safety courses, and personal fitness training. Mark has created a specialized exercise interval training program which incorporates an explosive endurance workout regimen. Various training programs are available such as seminars, self-defense, arrest and control, fitness training and other specialized courses.  


Website: ModernBudo.net