"Master of the Art"

AC Rainey

Director DHKKA



Mr. Rainey began his Kenpo Karate Training under Grand Masters Dave Hebler and Jim Thompson in the fall of 1972 at Mt San Antonio College Tiger & Dragon Club. He was teaching within months under their tutelage. Through testing, teaching, competition and constant rigorous training with his Stable Mate Master Paul Dye, Mr. Rainey earned his Black Belt From Founding GrandMasterEd Parker by the summer of 1974. That same week he was also Belted By GrandMasterRon Chapel whom he credits with honing his competitive fighting abilities. For the last 52 years Mr Rainey has continued to teach Kenpo at a high level of Proficiency Taking breaks only for family and career goals. He has been privilege to teach a cadre of Black Belts and watch them all teach on their own. including some that are now teaching locally, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Rainey has served in the military where his skills kept him others safe. Later he also served as a Public servant teaching those same skills to other public safety officers as well as teaching men women children both self defense as well as Kenpo. 
In 2013 Mr. Rainey was awarded the Master status by the Kenpo community by its leading and Kenpo Senior Grandmaster Dave Hebler. The following year He was recognized by his peers and inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame.. Both Masters Rich Hale and Paul Dye Acknowledge Mr. Rainey in the International Journey.

Mr. Rainey to this day still exudes a fascination and excitation when watching a white belt or anyone realize their full potential and love teaching the one on one.

His goal is to teach his art and watch them all teach students to be he as well as Mr Rainey at his Prime..

I've been in the Martial Arts since 1974. I enjoy training and taking advantage of the benefits they offer. I like to train, just to train. I find Martial Arts fascinating and enjoy the friendships that develop.

The bad news is, Martial Arts are often misunderstood.

For me, it's about meeting awesome people, discipline, training, empowering people, and watching their growth. This will all vary greatly, depending on what Art you choose, as well as what effort you put forth. It's incredibly easy to start, and there are so many Arts from which to choose, you'd be crazy not to at least try and see how it feels! Kenpo serves as a progressive art and is probably the most flexible martial art one can find to learn self-defense.
What stops most people is intimidation. If you're like me, you'll be afraid in the beginning, but once you get past that first bump, you'll be glad you committed to learning! When I took my first Martial Arts Class, I went alone and I was afraid. I was nine at the time, and had no idea of what I was doing. In hindsight, it was one of the best things I've ever done and I'm still doing it today after 45+ years.

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