"Master of the Art"

David Prosser

Director DHKKA

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Mr. Prosser started his Martial Arts in American Kenpo, training in 1978 under Terry Danzer, a black belt under Sterling Peacock. Prior to that Mr. Prosser was an amateur boxer in the local boxing club under his father, winning several city titles and going on to win inland empire titles. Mr. Prosser happened to sit in on a Kenpo class that Mr. Danzer was teaching ( with boxing influence integrated into his teaching style) and immediately wanted to learn the system.
Mr Prosser earned his 1st degree black belt from Terry Danzer in 1981. Mr Prosser trained with Master Dan Kaufman through out his early years of Kenpo ( Dan Kaufman is a direct student of Master Skip Hancock). Mr Prosser was an instructor of the Coeur d’ Alene Karate and boxing club under Master Sterling Peacock ( Mat David) and received his 2nd. and 3rd. blacks under Sterling Peacock. Mr. Prosser
began studying with Senior Grand Master Al Tracy and received several more advancements under the Tracy system. Mr. Prosser is very fortunate to train under his good friend Grand Master Ralph Casteelanos (9 time world champion) to present. Mr. Prosser started his training with Senior Grand Master Dave Hebler in 1990 earning his 9 th. degree black belt in 2016 under Mr. Hebler. He is a Director of the D.H.K.K.A and a direct student of Mr. Hebler and partner with the Pro-Hebler Fighting System located in Gardnerville, NV.
Mr. Prosser has competed in tournaments through out the Northwest, Northern California and Nevada along with his students with great success winning state championships in sparring and weapons but most success has come from the free style full contact tournaments winning numerous matches in the ring from smokers ( friday night boxing matches) to kick boxing.
Mr. Prosser has trained hundreds of students throughout the years in street smart Kenpo. A method of training that teaches to think of the art as an offense style versus the defense style, when its time to react, explode now! We train our students to strike first,strike hard and get out. Physical fitness is a priority, 50% of training. Motto “ how you train in the gym is how you will fight in the street”
Self defense workshops for Women,Men and Children are the priority. The mission is street awareness, physical fitness along with basic skills. Mr. Prosser was inducted into the "Kenpo International" Hall of Fame in 2013

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