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Dave Hebler’s Kenpo Karate Association

Dave Hebler’s Kenpo Karate Association is a Martial Arts Assn. whose primary mission is to provide a wide range and variety of services to its membership. These services include:


It is important, perhaps even vital, that an individual Martial Arts practitioner be able to prove that his or her rank and lineage comes from a legitimate and respected organization with a solid reputation in the Martial Arts community. DHKKA is an organization with impeccable credentials whose rank certificates are highly prized and recognized world-wide.

NOTE: Non-Kenpo schools that decide to become members of DHKKA for the training opportunities available may be able to earn legitimate rank from DHKKA through our international workshop programs in combination with our training literature and videos.


DHKKA has established an international registry of rank for the staff and students of each member school.
All certificates of rank (white through the various levels of black) will be registered in our permanent files and posted on our website, davehebler.com. This posting will include all pertinent information such as rank, date, certificate number, instructor’s name and name and location of school.


SGM Hebler has gathered together a teaching staff of professional, world-class instructors whose teaching expertise and on-the-ground real-world experience in a variety of very real and dangerous situations is, we believe, unique to any single organization.
It bears noting that the teaching staff at DHKKA has, collectively, taught hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life in the course of their long and prestigious careers.
As a member of DHKKA, you and your school will have the opportunity to acquire some or most of the exceptional knowledge and leadership that these outstanding instructors provide through their various workshops and training materials.
Most of the training professionals at DHKKA have produced educational materials in the form of books, manuals and videos in their particular areas of expertise. These materials are also available through DHKKA.
Regardless of MA style or affiliation, if you are interested in integrating into your school curriculum some real-world solutions to the violence so prevalent in today’s society, then the teaching professionals at DHKKA can help you.

DHKKA is capable of offering a complete American Kenpo curriculum up to 5th deg. Black Belt.

In addition, a sound and fundamental Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai, American kickboxing, Judo, women’s self-defense and sharp-edged weapons (offensive and defensive curricula).


Unlike some other Martial Arts organizations, DHKKA does not and will not dictate curriculum to its member schools. Nor will DHKKA dictate the specific rank advancement criteria to its member schools. Any changes to your teaching methods and chronology will be by your hand, unless you specifically ask for guidance through one of our highly skilled and experienced membership leaders.

DHKKA does not require that members belong only to DHKKA. Members may join any other organization that they choose. However, DHKKA members are expected to support DHKKA. After all, why join an organization if you are not willing to support that organization?

Acceptance of membership is an acknowledgement that DHKKA approves the curriculum and ranking requirements of that particular school. DHKKA directors are available for consultation with respect to school operating procedures. However, the judgment of the owner/chief instructor on the operational procedures of his/her school is the final word.


SGM Hebler believes that, at a minimum, the serious professional student must develop a high degree of excellence in at least three general areas. Those areas are:

Physical fitness

Basic fundamentals.

Adversarial Experience.

Students need to develop their skills in a variety of adversarial environments (training scenarios against uncooperative, hostile and skilled opponents). SGM Hebler teaches a variety of workshops that are designed to help the student develop an excellence in the basic fundamentals. Some of the topics covered are:
The how-to’s of speed, power and intensity.

Immediate action drills: Proactive vs. reactive, offense vs. defense.

Explosions: Coming off the line, closing the gap and delivering the weapon.
The three kinds of speed and the relationship of speed and mass to create max power.
Control, focus and determination; the indispensible ingredients.
The power of emotion and attitude.
Twitch moves and instinctive reactions.
Trickery and deceit.


“Dave Hebler is the mongoose in human form…awesome speed.”…..Elvis Presley
“To see speed and power properly executed in an almost effortless fashion is to see Dave Hebler move…an incredible seminar! My students can’t wait for the next one.” Mark Puthuff, Chief of Police, Ft Bragg, Ca.
“The key to survival in encounters of the worst kind is the ability to unleash simple, lightning quick techniques, complete with explosive, destructive power. In the realm of speed and power, Master Hebler is the man.” Dr Ron Braughton, USNAVSPECWARFARE.

“I have never seen either a practitioner or a teacher of martial arts who could combine the speed, power and grace of movement of Dave Hebler. His instruction has been instrumental in developing the self-defense programs for our company’s law enforcement and executive training courses.”…. Jeffery L. Miller, president, Safehouse Security Training,inc., Founder and chief instructor, Special Ops Training, 10 Special Forces Group (Airborne), U.S. Army, Ft Devens, Ma.



Dave’s women’s self-defense workshops, titled “Beyond Intuition,” teach women and young girls of all ages the type of self-defense that can be relied on. If you consider the fact that they are approximately ten million females who are victimized each year in the USA, you can understand why this is a problem of epic proportions. Statistics say that young girls, age 11 to 19 are victimized at a rate 84% higher than the general public.

The chilling truth here is that at the moment of their victimization, none of these ten million victims had the necessary knowledge or skills to successfully defend themselves against a violent physical attack. Sadly, for most of them, they still don’t.

Dave’s lectures, hands-on workshops, personal training courses, books and videos are excellent answers to a safer, more secure future. Dave not only trains individuals in simple, easy-to-learn techniques, he also teaches key methods to recognize and prevent such attacks BEFORE they happen.


“I enjoyed taking this two hour self-defense course with my female friends and my 14 year old daughter. It was extremely informative and taught us all the basic defense moves that are effective in defending yourself. The instructors were very thorough in teaching and fun. I recommend this class for all females!”
“The self-defense class taught by Dave Hebler was very informative and insightful. It gave me the tools to help prevent me from becoming a victim. I am going home and going to help teach my 10 year old daughter the tools to make sure that she never becomes a victim.”


“When I came to this class, I did not know or how to do anything. These people taught me so much. I learned to protect myself in a horrible situation. Every girl/woman should take this class. It teaches you a lot.”

“The gift of power is a charactistic that all women and young girls should have. We should always feel safe and know that no matter what, we can defend ourselves, we can fight back, we can survive. I do not have to be a victim. I need and will make my attacker one! I have the power!”
“I came here today having no clue how to defend myself. I really appreciate Dave taking the time to show us how we can be saved. Especially because I could be the one!”




For a number of years, Dave Hebler was Elvis Presley’s personal bodyguard.
Most people seem to find Dave’s “Elvis Experience” to be interesting to most and fascinating to many. So much so that over the last 35 years or so, Dave has appeared at various functions and gatherings to tell some “Elvis Experience” stories and present some insights into Elvis the person that only someone who was actually there can tell from first-hand knowledge.

As you might imagine, over the years, Dave has received literally thousands of Elvis questions. These questions range from the easy to the difficult, from normal to the truly bizarre and some that you would not believe. Interestingly enough, the top three questions have been:

Is Elvis still alive?

What was Elvis REALLY like?

Personal bodyguard huh? I bet that was a pretty cool job huh?

At his personal appearances, Dave answers these questions and more. He also tells some interesting and often funny stories about Elvis the person that you may not have heard before. Truly great times and outrageous experiences with the man who was not only the greatest entertainer who ever lived but one of the best persons as well.

If you are interested in having Dave as a speaker at your group’s next event, shoot Dave an e-mail at dhebler@gmail.com for details.