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New Page added DHKKA Member Schools Be sure to check them out if you are looking for a Place to train or even just a place to visit while your in town. These are headed by some Top quality Kenpoists

Be Sure to check out the new additions on the  Registery of Rank For the Association                                                   Last updated 11/15/2016

 The New "Kenpo Legacy" channel is up Kenpo Legacy on youtube! we will be putting up videos and getting the lessons online for members to take advantage of. Please be patient with us as we tidy up some of the details with the Legacy Program. Thank you!

New Videos added to the Youtube channel and below!!!


We have added a member/school "Registration page" for people and schools interested in being a part of the Association Updated 01/14/2017


SGM Hebler interviews

ON the "Parker/Hebler Legacy"


 "DHKKA Membership and Directors"




Part II

"the first internationals"


Part III

 "Training with Ed Parker"



You can still purchase items directly from SGM Hebler by email dhebler@gmail.com

You can also view some of the items we have for sale at The Store

we will be working on the site regularly to maintain the information as we get it.


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